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Chinese Martial Arts fall under the umbrella terms kung fu and wushu which includes several hundred fighting styles that have been developed over the centuries in China. MoFan Taichi & Wushu Academy was established by Master Mo Fan in 2010. Master Mo Fan is an internationally recognized authority on Chinese martial art forms. MoFan has earned the title of “Distinguished Wushu Athlete” ( the highest martial arts honour) by the Chinese Wushu Association and the China Ministry of Sports. From a young age, Master Mo Fan has trained professionally with the Chinese National Team and the GuangZhou Province Team in Taichi and Wushu. He has participated in countless demonstrations and international competitions. MoFan was the national Taichi champion for three straight years in China, and has won numerous championships in other Wushu forms. Because of his achievements, he has earned the title of “Distinguished Wushu Athlete.” MoFan has been featured in the widely-publicized Chinese Wushu Magazine. MoFan’s father, Grandmaster Mo Shao Neng, was the head coach of the Chinese national team that was invited to perform for President Nixon at the White House in 1974. Through their hard work and dedication, the team emphasized health and well-being, and promoted the principles of self-discipline, respect, and the importance of family and community. Athletes from the school have competed in national and international competitions, and have earned numerous medals and gained the experience and recognition of the martial arts community. MoFan Taichi and Wushu Academy believes in taking an active role in promoting cultural engagement and societal philanthropy. The Academy has been involved in a wide range of community events through performances, contributions to local charities, volunteering with agencies, and sponsoring numerous fundraising drives throughout the years.